Covault started when company founders were working together as a marketing strategist and dealership owner. The founders noticed that slow brand approvals and costly media fees significantly reduce speed-to-market and hinder the performance of co-op programs for local advertising. Industry research estimates that $35 billion or roughly half of nearly $70 billion USD in co-op advertising dollars go unused each year. Covault is the only platform to streamline the entire co-op process for ad performance and program utilization.

When brand and retailer marketing programs are connected amazing things happen. We give brands and retailers access to the top-performing marketing assets regardless of their size and budget. Our mission is to democratize effective advertising and increase efficiency and sales at the local-level.

Fast Approvals, One Login

Access fast co-op approvals and media assets with one login

Machine Learning

Industry-leading machine learning for optimizing performance

Social Marketing

Creating lasting impressions with customers on social media

Modern Marketing

Reach customers in the modern media landscape

Expert Designed Ads

Save the steep cost of hiring a designer and media buyer

Increase Sales

Access co-op funds to increase your ad spend and sales